WASTP President’s Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Field of Sand Therapy

Sherry Fisher

Guidelines for Nominations

Introductory Information and Judging Criteria

This Award is presented to honor a mental health professional who is recognized for their distinguished contributions to sand therapy worldwide in the spirit of our Past President, Sherry Fisher, who has embodied integrity, vision, dedication and leadership within our organization and in practice since our founding.

Eligibility Criteria

A Nominee shall be an active Member of WASTP in good standing or a retired Member in good standing.

A Nominee shall have achieved a body of consistent contributions in any or all of these areas of sand therapy: practice, research and/or teaching; and have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities within WASTP in either Board or Committee service; as well as having contributed significantly to the field of sand therapy through the programs and activities of WASTP.

Nomination Requirements

A Nominee must be nominated by two or more WASTP Members in good standing.

Each year nominations open January 1st and close June 30th.  Nominations will not be accepted outside of those dates.

Nominations must be submitted electronically using this application form.

Selection Process

A Committee comprised of the WASTP President and WASTP Past President(s) will be responsible for selecting the successful nominee and will meet in July/August to name a recipient, if there was a nomination of sufficient merit that year.

The WASTP President will inform the WASTP Board of the Award in any given year.

The WASTP President will inform the Award recipient before any public announcement is made.

Value of the Award

The Award will be advertised in the World Journal for Sand Therapy, the online journal of WASTP; and through Facebook and other media sources used by WASTP.

A special award plaque will be presented to the recipient at the next WASTP virtual or in-person Conference.

Previous Award Recipients

This is award has just commenced, therefore there is no prior recipients.